Hack_Curio is a video portal into hackerdom that helps explain why hacking is one of the most important phenomena of global culture and politics in the late 20th and early 21st century. Our site features short video clips that are accompanied by a brief explainer about the footage. Our material hails from many different sources: Hollywood and Bollywood film, documentaries, tv ads, talks, homebrewed videos, newscasts, and more. You can find the full catalog of the videos, entries, and authors under "the list" or just visit the category pages, listed below, to find a set of videos united by a shared theme. From military sock puppets to corporate spooks to rick-rolling protesters, what you’ll see here is that hackers do different things and cohere into distinct traditions. They are people of different kinds: they are young and old, men, women, and nonbinary. They are not invisible, immaterial, hidden or cloaked except, of course, when they want to be. Hackers are funny, and scary; hackers are do-gooders, and assholes; they write code; hunt for bugs; tell the government to fuck off; land in jail (and even break out of jail); they work for three-letter agencies and expose them; they secure and break into our systems; invent new laws; bitch and rant; whistle, hum, and rap. Many people have something to say about hackers, from drag queens to politicians. Still curious? Dive in.