E. Gabriella "Biella" Coleman

Founder, Editor, and Curator

In an effort to get her students to pay attention to her (damn you Internet!), Gabriella amassed a large collection of videos to show in her classes. Eventually, she decided to transform her personal collection into a public resource. Daunted by the magnitude of the endeavor and inspired by hacker collaboration, she enlisted many many others to help (thanks to everyone!). After a year of conceptualizing, trying & failing, hemming & hawing, tweaking & editing (so much tweaking & editing), you can now learn a thing or two about hackers and feel like you are being productive while watching videos on the internet (you're welcome). When not pestering others for their drafts, she can be found walking her dog on the Lachine Canal, biking the streets of Montreal, or Tweeting cute dog pics. She's also written a thing or two on hackers which you can find here.

Christopher M. Kelty

Co-editor and Co-curator

Christopher M. Kelty hacks somewhere in Southern California.  He has made bad choices in his life and must now, therefore, live with his dependence on emacs and python. At one point he wrote an ethnographic book explaining how free software hackers and internet engineers transformed the social relations among them recursively, which you can still download from a secure location. Currently, he is writing about participation, pest control, Los Angeles, and the end of openness, not necessarily together or in that order.  Fend him off at https://kelty.org/.

Paula Bialski

Co-editor and Co-curator

Paula Bialski, known to some as “the hacker-whisperer," prides herself in her sharp skill of befriending all sorts of technically-savvy nerds, which she has successfully done during her ethnographic stints with hippie backpacker-and-couchsurfing hackers in Montreal or, more recently, mapping and navigation corporate hackers in Berlin. She wrote a few books completely exploiting these friendships, and is currently struggling to write another in order to keep her job at Leuphana University in Lüneburg, Germany. Her favourite thing to do when not writing or befriending hackers is touring and composing with the incredibly-famous-in-Poland indie-pop sensation, Paula & Karol.

Nathan Schneider

Co-editor and Co-curator

After a physically disastrous year as a computer science major in school, Nathan switched to religious studies and found it just as useful for studying hackers. He has written books about God, Occupy, and co-ops, which he regards as more or less the same thing. Late at night he goes to /r/UnixPorn. Daytime stuff is at nathanschneider.info.

Joel Auerbach

Web Developer

Joel hacked this site together in between writing his MA thesis.

Matt Goerzen


Matt Goerzen is a researcher at Data and Society who studies cultures of anonymity and the technologies that enable them. He is currently working on anthropological research with Gabriella Coleman on the professionalization of the security hacker and will draw on findings from this area and other research to establish a cohesive framework for discussing media vulnerabilities by importing terms-of-craft from computer security research.

Lucas Freeman


Lucas is a content and copy editor of art and academic publications that span the fields of media studies, architecture, curation, and artistic research. A committed generalist with a background in philosophy, he revels in projects that help us better grasp the strings of this mad world and how those strings are pulled.

Caitlin Loney

Web Designer

For someone who spends so much time in a tape studio and darkroom, Caitlin sure likes the Internet. She does web and graphic design for McGill and beyond, and is often recognized on the street for her role as a cybergoth in the hacker convention scene of Shattered Glass.

Julian Guidote

Research Assistant and Workflow Ninja

There once was a boy named Julian, who roamed the city of Montreal on his bicycle. He came across a place called McGill, planted a flag there to claim it as his own, but soon discovered that the land belonged to the Kanien’keha:ka. Contrary to the customs of history, he respected their traditions and joined their community. He now works as a Bachelor-seeker in the elusive Department of Cognitive Science.

Juliette Mancini & Anouck Fenech

Logo Designers

Our logo was made by two graphic magicians who live and work in Paris, France. You can learn more about their design skills and work here and here.

Ishika Obeegadoo

Research Assistant and Workflow Ninja

Ishika is an aspiring Cognitive Scientist with a passion for all things brain and technology. One day, she wandered into Gabriella’s class, where she discovered a world where hackers, politics and culture blend into one. She has since been on a quest for knowledge, with her most recent adventure leading her to HackCurio.